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During my search for my next opportunity, I got in touch with the digital agency, Lemon Companies.

To assess my skills, they assigned me the task of creating a multi-page website that offers various web hosting packages at the best prices on the market.

Feel free to visit Lemon Companies' website by clicking here.


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Northstar logo


Lemon Companies were searching for a digital product designer to join their team and redesign their hosting platform. The existing platform was outdated and not user-friendly. Lemon aimed to create a modern and intuitive design that would facilitate easy management of users' hosting accounts.


A redesigned multi-page website aimed at helping clients gather information, choose the ideal package, and make a purchase.

Competitor analysis inspiration collection

Designing the system

Because Lemon wanted a complete redesign of their hosting platform, they gave me the freedom to unleash my creativity. Since they didn't provide me with a brand guide to follow, I started anew.

As mentioned in the briefing, Lemon wanted the hosting platform to serve as a guide for users seeking information and making a new hosting package purchase. With this information in mind, I began thinking about a name and came up with the name Northstar.

During the exploration and colonial ages, sailors used the North Star to navigate their ships to their final destination. Nowadays, explorers who don't use modern technologies rely on the night sky and the North Star to pinpoint their location and the route they need to follow.

Regarding typography and color, I had to adhere to the requirement of designing a website that is modern and minimalistic. Through my competitor analysis, I discovered that other hosting platforms used neutral colors and a serif typography.

Northstar design system

As for the final result, I created a multipage prototype with a user flow for purchasing a hosting package. The user is informed about the hosting packages, can choose their needed package, and proceed to checkout.

Mockup of Northstar website

What did we learn

Ensure that everything in the prototype is correct. While presenting the assignment to Lemon, my prototype didn't work, and the resolution of the design wasn't correct.

So, as a final thought, allocate approximately 30 minutes (or more if needed) to clean up your file before presenting. This way, all the kinks will be ironed out, and you won't be embarrassed during the presentation.